Social Hiking – Peak District – Dark Peak Combi Map

Those of you who are regular visitors to my site will know I’m a huge fan of Social Hiking ( A few months ago a great new feature called “Combi Map” was introduced, Obviously the name is pretty self explanatory but it basically allows you to combine a number of different maps into one.

I’ve been doing a lot of walking in the Dark Peak area of the Peak District so I thought it was about time I shared my map here. I have combined all my walks into this map above which currently contains 10 different routes, they each individually contain tons of images, video, tweets an AudioBoos.

The Share Your Adventure website is due to close in May 2018, for now though the link to the Combi map is as follows

My collection of routes and maps is growing week by week as there is a wealth of routes to choose from. I’ve made it my mission to walk every inch (or as near as possible) of the Dark Peak, thanks to the genius developers of Social Hiking I now have an easy way of tracking my progress.


5 thoughts on “Social Hiking – Peak District – Dark Peak Combi Map

  1. I can see that you’ve yet to do the high level circuit of Dovestone Reservoir and Chew Valley – it’s an excellent walk, probably best done in summer to avoid the worst of the bog. I highly recommend it.


    1. I did a loop walk around Dovestones up to the Trinnacle from Greenfield many moons ago, didn’t plot it and I need to go and make a video there soon 🙂


  2. Hello. I’ve been tasked to organise a charity walk from Glossop to Sheffied. i’d like to spend as much time off roads and on footpaths as possible, while still being able to do it in a day in June. Do you have any tips, part rout combinations etc. that may help?
    thanks, G


    1. Hi Gary. If I was going from Glossop to Sheffield I’d go via the Doctor’s Gate path to the top of Snake Pass, then I’d take the old Roman Road down Lady Clough to the Snake Inn. I’d then follow the Roman Road to Win Hill via Hope Cross. I’d then head down to the Ladybower Reservoir and from there I’d have to head up and over to Sheffield via the village of Bamford and Stanage Edge. I hope you have a great time on your trek. All the best. Dean


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