Peak Routes – Birchen Edge – Time Lapse

For a long time now I’ve been wanting to make a video featuring one of my favourite Peak District Edges. I’d had an idea a while ago about doing a time lapse from different angles, today was the day I finally got to do it. I firstly started by updating the firmware on my Canon 550D DSLR last night, I then applied the fantastic Magic Lantern upgrade. Magic Lantern is an enhancement atop of Canon’s firmware that frees your Canon DSLR, allowing you to use many useful features. It is an open (GPL) framework for developing extensions to the official software.

Birchen Edge - Time Lapse
Birchen Edge – Time Lapse

First thing this morning the weather was looking rather dreary, I decided to hold off for a few hours and eventually headed out to Birchen Edge at 11am. The wind was blowing, there was an icy cold snap in the air but thankfully the rain had passed. I parked at the car park next to the Robin Hood Inn and made my way up to Nelson’s Monument.

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I spent around 2 hours up on the edge, I filmed different angles of the Monument, The Three Ship Stones and also the Trig Point. It was nice to have a few moments of peace and quite while the camera was doing its thing. Thankfully I had my new Berghaus Down Jacket with me as the temperature must have been below zero due to the wind chill. I made my way home after a nice practice with the new Magic Lantern features, I have stitched aspects of today’s footage together and i’ve embedded the results for you to view at the top of the post or on YouTube. I also recorded an AudioBoo while I was there which is also embedded above.


6 thoughts on “Peak Routes – Birchen Edge – Time Lapse

  1. That’s great. I enjoyed the video. I walked there myself on Saturday – wind chill made it feel like -10 ish!! I’ve written a blog about my walk and would like to add a link to this page at the end if you don’t mind as your video give a nice feel for the edge πŸ™‚



    1. Thank you very much, it was a great day there today. I saw 2 runners and that was about it, I had the place to myself which was handy for recording πŸ™‚

      Feel free to link as much as you like, The video can be embedded anywhere if you want to use that too. Thanks in advance for the link πŸ™‚


      1. I love having places to myself but I only get time off at weekends and in school hols – when everyone else is out! Still, there are lots of places that the tourists don’t visit πŸ™‚

        Thanks for the video, I have added it to my post.


      2. I do feel rather lucky to get days off in the week so it’s not as busy. As you say there are some great spots that the masses don’t go, thankfully πŸ™‚ Thanks for adding the video, much appreciated


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