Peak District Walk – Wharncliffe Wander

There are places in the Peak District that conjure up great memories for me, time spent with family, time spent with friends or even time spent all on my lonesome. It’s great to go back to visit these places once in a while, to relive those times or to refresh my memory. So… With that in mind it was long overdue that a paid a visit to a place that holds a lot of memories for me, Wharncliffe Side.


My family and I lived for a year in Wharncliffe Side at a pub there called the Blue Ball. My mother and step father worked for a company called Tom Cobleigh and they were posted there to run the pub, so we moved from sunny Derbyshire to South Yorkshire. It was back in 1995 and I was an 11yr old kid finding his feet in new place. I quickly made new friends with whom I would head off on the bikes with for hours on end. We would cycle up hill and down dale, float down rivers in our dingy, swim in the local reservoirs and basically enjoy everything the surrounding landscape had to offer. Although Wharncliffe Side isn’t strictly inside the National Park itself, the boundary runs just to the west. This is the place I got my first taste of the moors and camped out in the hills at my friends farm.














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