Peak District Walk – The Broken Road & The Great Ridge

This week I headed out for a wander with a photography group who were tackling a classic route in the Peak District. I had been invited along by my friend Graeme aka @Black73Cat on twitter (and all good social networks), he can also be found at The route in question was the Great Ridge from Hope, how much more classic can you get than that. I’m always interested in making new friends and meeting new people so I accepted the offer and Graeme very kindly offered to give me a lift too.

Route Map –

We arrived in Hope on a very drizzly morning to meet the rest of the gang outside the Woodbine Cafe at 09:30, the rain was a constant feature today but that didn’t really matter. After a coffee in the Woodbine we headed over the fields towards Winnats Pass as the cloud hung low over the surrounding hills. Winnats was looking very moody indeed as the rain came in and out, after heading westward along the valley we began the walk up the broken road and then up on to Mam Tor.

Even though it was rather damp today, the crowds were still present at the summit of Mam Tor. We didn’t linger very long here and chose to continue along the Great Ridge. Thankfully the cloud began to lift ever so slightly as we made our way along to Lose Hill, earlier in the day it had been fully immersed in the cloud but now the odd view down from the top was on offer.

IMG_2436-0.JPGAfter a short stop on Lose Hill we made our way back down and to the finish line at Hope. It had been a thoroughly enjoyable walk with some interesting people, it’s just a shame the weather wasn’t on our side or I would have attempted to learn some photography skills from the others in the group. My DSLR remained firmly packed away in a dry bag within the depths of my rucksack for the majority of the day, Thankfully I have the GoPro or there wouldn’t have been much in the way of video today.

As always, thanks for visiting and watching the video if you did. If you like what you see why not Subscribe to my YouTube channel Also, why not view a few videos that are related to this walk, either I mentioned them or they are linked at the end.

Blencathra Wild Camp –
Great Ridge & Hope Valley –
Hope Cross, Kinder & Lose Hill –


3 thoughts on “Peak District Walk – The Broken Road & The Great Ridge

  1. I tend to walk this route in reverse, climbing Lose Hill to begin, then taking the walk across ridgeback and down Mam Tor.

    Still; in any direction it’s a marvellous walk, and one I have photos of in about a foot of snow!


    1. It certainly is a great route, I must admit that was my first time walking the lower route across from Hope. Like you I would usually go up Lose Hill first and then come back above Winnats Pass, Cave Dale and the Cement Works. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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