Peak District Walk – Monsal Trail & The DJI Phantom 4

In this video we walk along the Monsal Trail from Bakewell to Millers Dale then back via Litton Mill and Cressbrook. I took my DJI Phantom 4 for it’s first flight in the Peak District, we captured some great views of the Headstone Viaduct and even flew it though the headstone tunnel.

After the flight through the dale I packed the drone away safely as the rain that had been forecasted started to arrive. We then walked down the trail to Millers Dale station for some much needed refreshments, afterwards we turned around and headed down to the River Wye at Litton Mill. It was a nice gentle wander down stream from Litton, thankfully the river was low enough for us to get past the Limestone cliffs before arriving at Cressbrook Mill (there is an alternate route that is signposted if the water level is too high). We then made our way over the bridge at the weir and climbed back up on to the Monsal Trail. Our route then took us back to Bakewell via Hassop Station for coffee and cake… It would be rude not to stop 🙂 haha

Sadly, there is no map to go with this short post. I was conserving battery so I could use my phone for flying the drone so had ViewRanger turned off.

Fin Cop Wild Camp –
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All music by Dean Read. Footage shot with a Canon EOS 7D DSLR with a Canon EF 50mm – f/1.4 USM Lens, Canon EF 17-40 mm f/4.0 L USM Lens, RODE VideoMic Go Microphone with a RODE Dead Cat Wind Protector. I also used DJI Phantom 4, a GoPro Hero 3 Silver, an iPhone 6 Plus and it was edited in iMovie.


8 thoughts on “Peak District Walk – Monsal Trail & The DJI Phantom 4

  1. You can’t beat a good walk through the peaceful, glorious Peak District, Not so keen on having a drone flying overhead though but that’s just me.


    1. I only ever take the drone out during the week when it’s not busy, I’m very conscious of not getting in the way or ruining the experience for others 🙂


      1. Good for you.

        Unfortunately there are a few folk out there not so keen to keep the equilibrium. Winnats Pass is now a favourite location for flying drones and a place I avoid now which is a shame, I appreciate the appeal of the Drones especially when they are used correctly and with other “countryside enjoyers” in mind.

        On a side note, I did the Ravens Tor wild camp this year, really enjoyed it, good shout! (its a tad steep though!)


  2. I live in the Hope valley, and don’t believe drone flying is a big issue at all.
    If we can tolerate low flying fighter jets flying over with incredibly loud booms, then the odd buzzing of a drone cant be too bad. Plus at least a drone flying around in the sky for 10min usually means we have a great video to watch on YouTube a few days later 🙂
    Some people just dont like new technology, thats all it is.


    1. Thank you for your words of support for drones David. The sound of jets and commercial flights descending in to Manchester airport are much louder than drones 🙂 I’m always very careful about when and where I fly. I don’t want to be seen as irresponsible so I always make sure I stay legal. Thanks for commenting, All the best. Dean


      1. Hi Dean, loved watching you video, and totally respect what you say about being careful. I today, on a mid June Friday morning took my drone (DJI mini 2) out on the Monsal Trail. Flew it over Millers Dale station, from the quiet end to avoid any people. Was promptly approached by someone who seemed official (a ranger?) telling me I’m not allowed to fly my drone over that spot, or indeed the trail in general. She mentioned birds nesting which I totally respect, so stopped immediately. I was flying very high, but that didn’t appear to matter. Do you know what the rules are for flying over the trail, as I’m now scared to do so, but really want to get more footage. I was told I needed permissions. Thanks, Nick Gerolemou


      2. It’s been a long time since a I flew my drone so I couldn’t say for certain what the rules are now. I believe you do need the land owners permission to fly above places like that now


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