Welcome to PeakRoutes.com.

Thanks for making your way to Peak Routes whether it was via google, twitter, Facebook or pure luck. This is a website designed and maintained by me, Dean of DeanRead.net. I plan to bring you as much information about my adventures in the Peak District as possible.


Where Peak Routes came from.

I was walking one day in the Peak District in early 2012 near a spot called Madwomen’s Stones, it’s located up on the north-eastern corner of Kinder Scout and is a lovely spot. I was sat there with my friend Andy having lunch and it suddenly dawned on me… As I surveyed the view in a 360 degree radius I realised that I had walked up every hill, along every edge and through every valley that I could see from that spot. I thought it was high time that I grouped all the posts and information together in one place. That place was to be PeakRoutes.com and so the site was born.

Image by Chris Pilgrim

What are my aims?.

My aim with PeakRoutes.com is to get out as much as possible and bring back lots of pictures, videos and audio for you all to enjoy. The whole angle of the site is basically to report on where I go, what I see, what I do and how it made me feel. So this site is to be an account of my adventures in the Peak District, with the odd post about walking in other areas of the UK thrown in too. I am just a regular guy, with a regular job who loves getting out there and exploring. I like to stray off the beaten path, I like to tread areas that are a little more off the radar. I would like to say this now, I am by no means an expert so you won’t find any preaching here…. Put simply… I love the Peak District and I want to spread the word as much as possible through my adventures.

Thanks Dean Read


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, this is a wonderful site but how do you square your trips with the fact that it is prohibited to wild camp in the Peak District unless you have permission from a land owner? I’d love to try wild camping there but am a bit of afraid of the consequences…


    1. Leave no trace. Arrive late, leave early, if you leave no trace, then I don’t think any park rangers or landowners will particularly care: this isn’t your tent in their tiny front lawn, it is a stealthy overnight away from anyone!


      1. Thanks for responding to the question Mike, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I try and promote the ‘leave no trace’ ethos in my videos as much as possible 🙂


  2. Hi Dean
    Although I’m a Derbyshire chap (Ashbourne) and I’ve visited the Bamford dams several times – I don’t know the area well enough to avoid the jams etc for the RAF flypast in May. I’d really appreciate a heads up re; parking and good viewing spots etc.
    Love your wildcamping vid’s
    Best regards


    1. Hi Kevin.

      Sadly I don’t think there will be a way of avoiding the traffic if you are anywhere near the reservoirs. Alternatively you could park in Bamford and walk up to Bamford Edge to see the fly past, I imagine it will be much less busy up there than around the dams. Hope you get to see it, All the best Dean


  3. Dear Dean
    I’m planning to take my daughter up bleaklow in July to see the B29 bomber site, the last time I was there was in 1985, during my D.O.E award trial expedition, but I never saw it as we went straight from Alport castles to crowdon/ Holmemoss, would it be possible to let me know the grid reference of the crash site many thanks, we are planning to get 3 walks in, in the Peak District between the 14th-17th July many thanks for your help and videos,yours


    1. Hi Paul,

      The grid reference for the crash site is approximately SK 0908 9487 according to my pin point in Viewranger. I hope you have a great time in the Peak District when you visit.

      All the best, Dean.


  4. Hi Dean, I’m really glad I’ve found your site and would like to take advantage of your ‘local knowledge’. I have recently moved to Manchester and love bike touring. Can you recommend a spot or two to wild camp? Slight issue with bike and high spots! Thanks! Tim


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