The Peak Routes Podcast is my way of bringing you my walking experiences in audio form. I’m a big fan of this medium and I’ve been recording Audio while walking for some time now. So far i’ve recorded podcasts while on Bleaklow, Black Hill, The 9 Edges Challenge, The Roaches, Wild Camping on Axe Edge Moor and walking over Chrome & Parkhouse Hills. You can download or listen to the individual episodes using the links below, each episodes will usually be around 20-30 minutes.

Podcast Terms of Use – Feel free to listen and to share the podcast as much as you like. I always allow excerpts to be used in other podcasts or radio shows but please contact me first. Also, I would appreciate a link back to this site if my audio is used or embedded. Thanks.

Episode 12

Coming Soon?

Episode 11
Kinder Scout & The Official Summit
Episode 10
Monsal, Cressbrook, Tideswell & Miller’s Dale
Episode 9
Win Hill & Hope Cross in the Snow
Episode 8
Kinder Scout from Hayfield
Episode 7
River Derwent & Grinah Stones
Episode 6
Chrome Hill &
Parkhouse Hill
Episode 5
Axe Edge Moor
Peak Routes Podcast - Episode 4 - The Roaches & Lud's Church Peak Routes Podcast - Episode 3 - The 9 Edges Challenge
Episode 4
The Roaches &
Lud’s Church
Episode 3
The 9 Edges Challenge
Episode 2
Black Hill from Crowden
Episode 1



2 thoughts on “Podcast

  1. Hi Dean, your podcasts kept me company while driving to work, they were a nice escape while sitting in the ever increasing traffic jams. Please bring them back! All the best, Pete


    1. Hi Peter, thanks for listening. I really enjoyed making the podcasts, I’d like to record more but I’m usually preoccupied with the videos 🙂 All the best, Dean.


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