Peak District Trail Running – Lady Canning’s, Burbage, Stanage and Stanage Pole

In this video we head to Lady Canning’s Wood for a trail run in the Peak District. It was a great 14km loop taking in Upper Burbage Edge, Stanage Edge then back via Stanage Pole and the Redmires Reservoirs. We followed part of the 24km ‘Inov-8’ Black route which begins in Ecclesall Woods. 

I remember the first time I ever saw someone trail running, it was on Ben Nevis when I walked it’s magnificent mass back in 2006. My friend Howie and I were out of breath doing the final push up the Zig Zags to the top. Then, out of nowhere comes a trial runner looking as fresh as a daisy, like he was just out for a gentle jog. I however, must have looked a mess as I was much heavier back then. I remember it clearly, he came skipping past with a huge smile on his face and said hello 😊. We caught up with him at the summit shelter while he was having a break, it turns out he lived in Fort William and tackled ’the Ben’ every day. One day I thought, one day I’ll be fit enough to run up a hill and not look a mess. Well, that day isn’t quite here yet. I’ve dabbled with running over the last few years and I’m no way near that fitness level yet. I kept holding myself back, thinking that once I reach an elusive and unquantified fitness level, I’ll dare to stray off the pavements and into the hills.

I’ve come to realise that if I wait for that day, that moment when I feel ready to hit a hillside like a rocket then I’m going to miss out on all the fun in between. Long story short, I’m just going to go for it. The unwritten rule in Trail Running is that you’re allowed to walk up the hills if you need to. I figure I’ll just do that until I can go faster, that way I can enjoy the trails I love in the Peak District while skipping along them like that guy on Ben Nevis. Yeah, I might still look a mess and if you’ve followed my videos for some time, you’ll have seen me in some terrible states. I’m happy to look a mess but if you see me out in the Peaks, skipping along the top of an edge somewhere, I’ll have a huge smile on my face 😊.

On to the main reason I hope you are here today, enough about you Dean…. Get on with the route.

Viewranger Map
We started the run from the top of Lady Cannings Wood and headed up to the Ox Stone’s on Burbage Moor.

We headed south on the path over the Moors from the Ox Stone’s to Houndkirk Road before swinging west towards Burbage Edge.

Although it was quite grey the views opened up as we hit Upper Burbage Edge, I love running along there and it’s been so great to revisit some regular walking spots while running.

We crossed Burbage Brook and then joined the path up to Stanage Edge, this section is really enjoyable to run as you climb up to the Trig Point.

After touching the trig point and taking the obligatory pictures it was time to run north along Stanage Edge. I really enjoy running along here, it feels so exhilarating jumping over the rocks and dodging the boggy sections. It really has injected and extra element of fun when upping the pace from walking to running.

When we arrived at SK 2403 8431 we turned eastward toward Stanage Pole, I applied some Peak District camouflage too (see the video for more 😁)

It was nice to stop at Stanage Pole again now it’s had an overhaul, it’s been years since I last visited and it was great to see this ancient boundary marker looking so fresh.

After Stanage Pole we headed down hill towards the Redmires Reservoirs, a place I’ve never actually visited before until this day. I’ve only recently moved to the Sheffield area and it’s been really enjoyable exploring some different routes in this area of the Peak District.

From Redmires we headed up on to the moors again and did a short road section to Brown Edge Farm, we went through the farm yard then it was a quick climb over the hill and back to the car…. Thoroughly enjoyable indeed.

If you’d like to recreate this route you can do so by checking out the maps via the links below or by downloading the GPX file. It was great to be back out with the camera again and doing my first trail running video, hopefully it will be the first of many. Thanks for reading/watching.

Strava Map –

ViewRanger Map –

GPX File –

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All music by Dean Read. Footage and images shot with a Samsung S20 Plus and the videos was edited in iMovie.


2 thoughts on “Peak District Trail Running – Lady Canning’s, Burbage, Stanage and Stanage Pole

  1. An excellent read! I really felt as though I was there on this run with you both. The fun you turned it into reminds me of everything myself and my family get up to on our adventures. I watched the video a while back and it’s great to see you out again enjoying the great outdoors! I am also a runner, I just haven’t yet made the transition to trail running 😂. Mindyou though, I never considered the unwritten rule… Thankyou for sharing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment Lucy 😎👍 I’m really enjoying trail running at the moment, the only downside is I now have no motivation to run on the tarmac haha

      Liked by 1 person

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